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Safe access to weather protection roof – no PPE against falling required

18 nov. 2015

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18 nov. 2015
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Comfortable, efficient working operations in the winter without loss of time

The most important function of a weather protection roof is to protect the construction team against the disruptive effects of the weather. Such temporary shelter also provides comfortable and safe working conditions at the same time. In the process, weather protection roofs prevent delays in construction – which, as a result, lead to problems with building owner as well as additional costs. For the LGS Weather Protection Roof from the extensive PERI product portfolio, a fast and reliable solution for safe working on roof girders is now also available: a walkway along the girder whereby the use of personal protective equipment against falling is no longer required.

The LGS Weather Protection Roof uses lattice girders taken from the PERI UP system together with ridge elements, ridge bars and system components for the support. With the standard components, roof inclinations of 15° and 45° can be realized as well as 120° and 150° ridge angles. Through the use of 45° supports, asymmetrical protective roofs and steeper roof forms can also be constructed. The protective roofs with spans of up to 45 m span provide – supplemented with Keder tracks and sheeting – comfortable and safe working conditions.

New: working on roof trusses with walkways – completely without PPE against falling

In order to connect the girder segments to form a large-sized weather protection roof, a number of tasks have to be carried out on the trusses themselves. For example, does the crane have to be detached or ledgers need to be installed for bracing purposes. In addition, it is also necessary in some situations to open individual segments during operations, e.g. for bringing in materials.

To ensure that all of these tasks can be carried out safely, PERI now also offers a specially adapted walkway. For this, brackets are hooked into the lower chord of the girder with the subsequent addition of decking and guardrails taken from the standard programme of the PERI UP scaffolding to form the actual catwalk. The big advantage: the walkways can be accessed without requiring any further safety measures – site personnel can move freely around without the use of any personal protective equipment, thus allowing all necessary work on the girder to be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Simple assembly and fast working operations

The pre-assembly of the girder units takes place on the ground whereby the walkways can also be quickly mounted at the same time. Equally simple is the assembly of the Keder sheeting: this can be uniformly installed on smooth-running rollers across the entire segment width. In addition, optimized Keder tracks and couplings ensure reduced friction which requires only a minimum of effort on the part of the site personnel. The complete girder unit is then lifted into position by crane.

Depending on space availability and the construction site concept, the PERI UP Weather Protection Roof can also be realized as a moveable version. For this purpose, the support is equipped with rails; by means of the URW Wheel, the segments are then effortlessly moved by hand. Thus, a Weather Protection Roof can, for example, be opened and closed very quickly for the lifting in of materials.

Incidentally, utilization of the LGS Weather Protection Roof can be done by the construction crew itself. For this, just a short briefing by the scaffolder is required. The specialists for assembling the scaffolding are required only for the erection and dismantling operations.