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Federal Chancellery Berlin

Datos de Proyecto

Ubicación: Berlin, Alemania

37-m-high reception and headquarters building on the Spree, not far from the Reichstag building

Construction period 1997-2001

Architect: Axel-Schultes-Architekten, Berlin


  • 2.500 m² inverted dome slab up to 18 m in height,  23 kN/m² concrete load
  • Partially finished in visible white concrete


Consortium for the skeleton structure of the Federal Chancellery;
HMB Hallesche Mitteldeutsche Bau AG, Halle;
WAYSS & FREYTAG AG, Hoch- und Wirtschaftsbau Berlin;

Beneficios para el cliente

  • rapid build time due to high level of prefabrication and logistical support
  • multi-use shaped tables

Solución PERI

  • 30.000 m² of wall and slab formwork plus 6,000 m of PD 8 and MULTIPROP falsework
  • delivery of the pre-assembled slab table units by barge