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Torres y Rascacielos

Imagenes Mapa
Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - One climbing system – two climbing methods: with protection provided by the RCS climbing protection panel, the two twisting Absolute World towers rose steadily upwards in regular weekly cycles.

Absolute World

A twisting world in North America: One climbing system – two climbing methods

Missisauga, Canadá

Avala TV Tower, Belgrade, Serbia - The perfectly adapted shoring and working scaffold optimally supplemented the cost-effective formwork solution.

Avala TV Tower

New landmark with panoramic view

Belrgrade, Serbia

Hotel Mélia, La Défense, Paris, France - For the construction of the Hotel Meliá in the "La Défense" office district, PERI developed a comprehensive climbing formwork solution. This serves not only as an enclosure, which ensures the safety of the construction teams at all times, but also it supports the precast parapets during erection.

Hotel Mélia, La Défense

Climbing system with enclosure and formwork scaffold

Paris, Francia

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - The American Las Vegas Sands Corporation is the owner of the complex the highly visible hotel towers.

Marina Bay Sands

ACS and SKYTABLE minimise crane times

Singapore, Singapur

RONDO 1, Warsaw, Poland - The PERI CPP climbing protection panel reliably encloses the upper floors under construction.


Optimal PERI formwork solution providing complete safety and fast construction progress

Warsaw, Polonia

Torre Corporativa Banco Macro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Solución eficiente de los núcleos VARIO y Remate desafiante

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Torre Corporativa Coca Cola

Esta Torre es la nueva unidad corporativa de la empresa Coca Cola, edificio de oficinas con un particular auditorio en imponente voladizo y un remate de tres niveles con vigas y columnas a la vista.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago, USA - With a height of 415 m, the Trump International Hotel and Tower on the Chicago River is a very impressive skyscraper.

Trump International Hotel & Tower

Every week one storey higher with ACS and RCS

Chicago, Estados Unidos